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Welcome! This is our Official Site for Free Game sharing services to those who cannot afford android games. We are giving Free Games only every weekend and/or helding an Event which members are allow to join. Follow our Rules and Dont abuse this site as your sponsor of games cause we are not giving apps instantly. Find us on Facebook : .

Hello! If you are a Guest please Register to our site to get updates about free Android games. Not registered members are not to be honored and cannot view the Link of the Game. If you have something mind feel free to write us. Use the Message Box below the Homepage to write questions or requests.

We give you games that are suitable for you and your phone. You can enjoy +1000 games that we give away every weekend or Events. There are many genres to be choose like Adventure, Action, Simulation, Shooting, RPG and more. Some of the games we offered or give is Ad-Supported but you can live with it.

Our Team is thanking the following:
 - apkmania
 - mob
 - AXA: Android Xtreme
 - umnet
 - other free game sites

We have no other further feature on this page cause our Team does not have credit cards to upgrade this site and because were only teens like you who are having time to play games. Thanks!!!

                     -- Page Master
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